Golden Cross of Merit for Grzegorz Grupiński

Date: August, 2015
Golden Cross of Merit

Grzegorz Grupiński received the Golden Cross of Merit from President of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski, in recognition. As a result, he now shares the prestigious company with such notable Poles as Jan Englert, Ryszard Grobelny or Grzegorz Turnau. The history of the Cross of Merit dates back to the year 1918. At that time, it was the highest award available to civilians who made great contributions in their work for the Polish nation and the society after regaining independence. Today, the Cross of Merit is granted to persons who go the extra length and are of substantial benefit to Poland and its citizens. It is not surprising that the award went to our President, Grzegorz Grupiński, who have successfully ran and developed his company since 26 years . However, he doesn't only invest his time and money into business, but also to further the development of local society.