Plastic working of thin metal sheets from 0.4 to 3.0 mm (steel, galvanized, acid-proof [stainless steel]). Stamping press department deals mainly with plastic working of metal sheets (die shearing, stamping, trimming, setting, overbending etc.). This is where we also assemble small elements, subassemblies and perform other tasks related to manufacturing support process (torsion, drilling, threading, riveting on riveting press, welding, flange reverse drawing, heat treatment of details, sand blasting, shot blasting, etc.). GELG company offers you the possibility to perform plastic working on large metal sheet details and on metal sheets 3.0 mm thick. The tonnage of press that we currently offer is up to 500 tons. Die shearing on a mechanical press (crank control) with table dimensions 1400 x 2400 mm and pressure of 315 tons. Cutting of steel (0.4 – 10.0 mm ) and acid-proof (0.4 - 6 mm ) metal sheets up to the length of 3 m. Bending details on a CNC folding brake from steel (up to 4mm x 3m ) and acid-proof (up to 3mm x 2 m) sheets. Bars working, sections and pipes (turning , threading, milling, drilling, welding, blanking, etc.).