• Respect / kindness – Respecting dignity and rights of every person in all interpersonal relations. We are family company and kindness is our sphere.
  • Responsibility – for own work and its results, for natural environment, for self-development and development of the nearest environment
  • Engagement and co-operation within the company–Focus on partnership and engagement as our basic rules obliged by the staff.

Management Board of Gelg is convinced of importance of obeying, within the activity of the company, valid regulations, laws and proceeding according to the ethical standards below. As a leader of the sheet-metal working market  in Wielkopolska, Gelg company feels obliged to promote ethics and is socially responsible for respecting:

  • human rights, employee rights
  • fair competition rules, preventing bribery, illegal payments and corruption
  • fair market policies
  • integrated management system
  • ecological awareness and natural environment protection
  • social responsibility of businesses.

Responsibility for achieving the goal lies on the members of the Board as well as on all of the Company employees.