Plasma cutting

We would like to present to our clients a brand new plasma oxygen CNC VX standard cutter.

Our offer includes now steel plasma cutting services. This new addition to our services focuses mostly on thick metals sheets. With the new cutter we can cut carbon steel which is 150 mm thick and aluminium and stainless steel which is up to 50 mm thick. The working area for the cutter is 3000x12000 mm. Compared to laser cutting, this method is faster. Additionally, plasma cuts without leaving burn marks, no prior pre-heating is required and plasma cutter can at the same time cut a small groove for piercing. During metal sheet plasma cutting it is possible to simultaneously engrave something on the material and use it as an automatic process for marking the details.


  • Maximum dimensions of the metal sheet: 3000x12000 mm
  • Thickness of the metal sheet:
    • Steel: 1.0 – 40 mm , oxygen cutting up to 150 mm.
    • Stainless steel and aluminium: 1.0 - 50 mm.

Additionally the machine is equipped with 5-AXIS MULTI-3D HEAD. 3D head makes it possible to perform bevelling during cutting which eliminates time-consuming mechanical working.  

By using appropriate metal sheet piercing technologies we can achieve satisfying results and meet requirements related to the material and complexity of the design, minimize scrap and decrease preparation costs.