Recently, our machine park was enriched with two latest generation turret punching machines from Amada. The punching power of these machines is 300 kN.
Modern software allows for maximum use of the sheet metal surface. The maximum size of the sheet is 1520×3050 with a thickness of up to 4 mm. Both machines are equipped with the Sheet-Cat loading and unloading system, which enables maintenance-free operation of the machine.

Why we

Large possibilities

The machine does not cause any heat interference in the punched edge, which is particularly important for the punching of galvanized sheets.
A 45-socket warehouse with four rotating stations makes it possible to produce complex shapes of manufactured products.

Precision of implementation

Amada EMZ3612 MII

No thermal interference



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Our equipment

Technical specification

Punching machine

Amada EMZ3612 MII
Punching power
300 kN
Sheet dimensions
1520x3050 up to 4 mm thick

the Highest quality

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