In our technology park there are wheel and gutter vibrators of the most renowned companies in the industry. Appropriately selected abrasive media guarantee the achievement of a satisfactory final treatment effect. In this case, also as a result of individual requirements of our customers or on the basis of our experience, we select the right abrasive with the right degree of machinability. The abrasive, vibratory abrasive treatment and the manual grinding socket enable us to propose the most economically and technologically advantageous solution that will meet the requirements of our customers or provide the highest class of corrosion resistance for painted parts.

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We have a Sciteex PC- CL 433 4x3x3m blasting chamber. We effectively clean surfaces from rust, scale, varnish and paint. The cleaned surface obtains a uniform texture, which gives the appropriate roughness increasing the adhesion of paint and metallic coatings. We share our experience in its selection taking into account the requirements for surface quality and the type of processes to which the element to be treated will be subjected.

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Blasting chamber
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