The company GELG Sp. z o.o. in order to maintain the appropriate quality of its products, sets the following delivery conditions.  

The following delivery terms and conditions shall govern the principles of cooperation between the Supplier and the Customer.

1st The delivery date, assortment, price and quantities delivered by the Supplier should be in accordance with the orders. In case of change of any factor, the company GELG Sp. z o.o. shall be notified of this fact.
2nd The price of goods shall be determined based on written agreements.
3rd The Supplier undertakes to deliver the ordered assortment on terms: DDUCTIONAL in accordance with Incoterms 2010 conditions.
4th The subject of the order should be packed in such a way that it is not damaged during transport and unloading. (PATRZ file: Securing the load)
5th The Supplier is obliged to include on the delivery documents all necessary information necessary to identify and accept the assortment together with marking of the delivered assortment with the so-called “material hanger”.6th Invoice and WZ should state the order number. Invoices or GMs without order numbers, including erroneous prices, terms and conditions will not be registered in the system.
7th For each delivery of metallurgical products the Supplier shall be obliged to provide (prior to physical delivery) in electronic form a material certificate 2.2 or 3.1 Deliveries without sent documents shall not be accepted for unloading.
8th In the event of a negative qualitative acceptance of the delivery, the Supplier undertakes to replace the defective goods at its own expense.  Quality requirements shall be specified by the Customer on the order.
9th The payment dates shall be established individually.
10th The supplier is obliged to confirm the order placed by Gelg and the lack of response within 24 hours is treated as acceptance of the order without reservations.
11th The Supplier is obliged to deliver the ordered assortment on time.
12th The terms of delivery are valid for the duration of cooperation.

Kwalifikacja dostawców

Łańcuch dostaw jest tak efektywny, jak jego najsłabsze ogniwo.

Wybór dostawców i zarządzanie nimi mają  duże  znaczenie dla wyników Firmy.

Motywy kwalifikowania Dostawców:

„Systematyczna współpraca z Dostawcami dla poprawy jakości i terminowości oraz obniżki kosztów dostaw.”

Skrócony Schemat Kwalifikowania Dostawcy 
Zapytanie ofertowe
Wstępna kwalifikacja dostawcy
Ocena Wzorów, Partii Próbnych, Prototypów
Umowa /zamówienia ramowe
Dostawa Produkcyjna